Flexisys is designed for Retail & Distribution companies to manage their secondary sales and depots. Architecture of the system is designed to enable easy integration with any back end ERP. Helps the Depot/Outlet to easily manage their Billing, Inventory and Petty cash and also gives a robust reporting system.

Enterprise Structures:
  • Supports Multi Company
  • Administrator can define Multiple-Store Sites and Control Setup
  • Supports both Centralized or De-Centralized Database
  • User Can Define Different Storage Area with in a Store
  • User Can Define Different Storage Sections with in a Storage Area
  • Define Multiple Sales Divisions in a Store
  • Sales Persons
  • Easy User Hierarchy Defines and Controls over transactions Activities
  • Create as many Users as required, not linked to any Licensing validity.
  • Purchase Organization
  • Purchase Groups
  • Financial year
  • Territorial Definitions (Country, State, City, Region, Zone, Area)

Point of Sales Features:
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Unlimited Line Item Entry
  • Automatically Look Up Price (Sales, Qty, Discount, & Promotions)
  • Easy Use of Function Keys for Various Options
  • Automatic Tax Computation
  • Sales Advice Support Invoicing
  • Support Barcode Scanning
  • Multiple Payment types (Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Credit Notes etc)
  • Accept Multiple Payment types in Single Invoice.
  • Sell and Redeem Vouchers/Gift Certificates/Gift Cards/Loyalty Points
  • Place Transaction on Hold and Recall
  • Discount on Total Sales or Item wise Sales
  • Add Customer at Invoicing
  • Access Customer Info on History
  • Receive Payment(s) for Individual Invoices
  • Complex Scheme capability
  • Alert for Schemes applicable and schemes missed during Billing
  • Free Item Sales through schemes
  • Home Delivery Facilitation
  • Alteration and Work order during Point of Sales
  • Stock Transfer Challan
  • Point of Sale – Returns
  • Point of Sale - Exchanges
  • Service Bill Provision
  • Real times Sales Reports
  • Track and Evaluate Schemes
  • Hardware Interface with Barcode Scanner tools

POS Cashier Controls Grant or Deny
  • Enter Opening or Closing Amounts
  • Day End Closing Programme
  • Change & Block Price at Point of Sale
  • Change & Block Discount at Point of Sale
  • Change Tax Amount at Point of Sale
  • Allow to Generate X Reports
  • Hold Transactions (Suspending or Stacking)
  • View Sales Journals at Terminal
  • Allow New Customer at POS
  • Allow Customer Account & Address Modifications
  • Enabling Customers as Global Customers.
  • Show Customer Address at POS.

Schemes & Promotions
  • Schemes based on Quantity
  • Schemes based on Values
  • Time based Schemes
  • Schemes like Buy 'X', Get 'Y' Discount or Free
  • Scheme Applied in Combination to Category, Item, Vendor, Brand, and Site.
  • Schemes applied on Single Items or on Total Invoice.
  • Schemes by Customer Cards
  • Rewards in the form of Points & Discounts, Free Goods

Material Master
  • Standard Items
  • Service Items
  • Assembly Items
  • Weight (Gross Weight, Actual Weight) capturing
  • Voucher Items (Gift Card/Gift Certificate)
  • Batch Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Article Attributes

Inventory & Merchandising Management Features
  • Unlimited Article Codes Creation
  • Track All Inventory Types
  • Define Item Level Classification
  • Support Barcode Recording at Opening Stock Entry
  • Support Barcode Recording at GRN Level
  • Serial Number Management
  • Batch Management
  • Style & Size Support with Classification
  • Build your own Reports (Dynamic Reports)
  • Pre-Defined Management reports
  • Flexible Indenting with / without reference
  • Goods Receipt Note with / with out indent
  • Goods Return Note with / with out grn
  • With Out Reference Goods Receipt Note
  • Handling Damages, Excess, & Shortage of Inventory.
  • Simple Physical Inventory Support with import from flat file feature

Many Built in Reports
Security Features
  • Easy to Setup User Privileges
  • Login & Logout Tracking
  • Restrict Usage by Functions and User ID
  • Role-base authorizations

Sync Manager

POS Sync manager is designed keeping in mind the key requirements of quick data availability on both sides and practical connectivity issues in remote locations. Sync Manager is a powerful and reliable tool for replicating data between Central POS and Client POS by using concept of hybrid synchronization with central POS server. Sync manager works in the background and automatically syncs data whenever it gets connectivity without any manual intervention. Sync Manager also syncs data to the backend ERP like SAP as per configurations.
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