Retail & Distribution
Retail Industry is faced with challenges of constantly changing business dynamics and processes. How fast a company is able to implement its strategy and keep in pace with changed business scenarios determines how it would stand. This would mean a good technology partner and a proper designed configurable system which would be able to adapt and customize very fast as per business needs.

Our team comprises of people with vast experience in the Retail and Distribution areas. We have built a suite of Solutions and have also provided several customized solutions to Customers. We understand the constantly changing business scenarios in this vertical and provide total solution to enable easy transition to the modified business process with minimal lag time.

Solutions and services we offer:
  • ERP for Enterprise functions
  • POS for Stores Billing and Inventory
  • Loyalty Engine
  • CRM
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Integration Engine to provide data sync with validation layer for interfacing data between various applications
  • Customized Solutions
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